El antijudaísmo cristiano occidental

Siglos IV y V

El antijudaísmo cristiano occidental - Raúl González Salinero - Trotta
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This is a revealing book about the unequal relations between Christians and Jews during the Roman Empire of the Christian era (4th and 5th centuries): from the time of Emperor Constantine to the formation of the new barbarian kingdoms. Although the opposition and hostility to the Jewish religion had accompanied Christianity from its origins, the present work undertakes its study from the moment in which the anti-Jewish phenomenon, adhering to the process of Christianization of the Roman Empire, acquires a decisive force within a society that, in a gradual way, is configured as essentially Christian. An investigation that reveals the ideological foundations of Christian anti-Judaism; that discovers the mechanisms of force and the routes of transmission and extension of the anti-Jewish phenomenon through the direct and critical study of Christian sources: patristic literature, imperial ...read more


Book: El antijudaísmo cristiano occidental

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