El aprendizaje servicio en educacion superior

Teoría, práctica y perspectiva crítica

El aprendizaje servicio en educacion superior - Susan Deeley - Narcea ediciones
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The book provides an in-depth and critical perspective of service-learning based on empirical evidence. Provide a unified and stimulating perception of pedagogy through volunteering and present a critical and in-depth analysis of ApS theory and practice. The logic behind the book is to offer students the opportunity to acquire a broader knowledge and an in-depth understanding of this type of experimental learning, as well as provide a theoretical analysis of ApS, which can serve as a basis for the academic practice of teachers. To achieve this, the specific objectives of the book are: - Define and emphasize service-learning. - Present a theoretical model for this type of learning. - Explore the potential functions and results of this type of pedagogy. - Examine the practice and effects of critical reflection as part of learning. - Provider examples of academic literature around ApS th...read more


Book: El aprendizaje servicio en educacion superior

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