El arameo en sus labios

Saborear los cuatro evangelios en la lengua de Jesús

El arameo en sus labios - Abdelmumin Aya - Fragmenta
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There is a natural meeting place for Muslims and Christians. And that place is the word of Jesus. But you have to condition the place. The Muslims will have to make an effort to accept the truthfulness of the words of Jesus that do not appear in the Koran but in the Gospels; and Christians should make an effort to become familiar with the language of Jesus, the Aramaic. Christianity must learn to express itself without resorting to the concepts learned from Greece. The mere words in the Semitic worldview are capable of saying a lot about themselves. It may be the moment to hear Jesus say in his own language God, mercy, world, salvation, blessing, heart, love, etc., and to see how these words evoke in Aramaic sensations completely different from those that awaken in our language. It is about listening to the words of Jesus in Aramaic and tasting them from his lips.



Book: El arameo en sus labios

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