El arpa y la cámara

El arpa y la cámara - Owen Barfield - Atalanta
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"We are well equipped with interesting writers, but Owen Barfield is not in the category of just interesting ones. It is an ambition to free ourselves from the prison we have built for ourselves with our own modes of knowledge, our false and narrow habits of thought, and our "common sense."
Saul Bellow

Once, when his friend C. S. Lewis referred to philosophy as "a matter," Barfield replied against the contrary that "for Plato philosophy was not "a matter," it was a path." Indeed, philosophy was not for him a mere academic occupation but a vital reason. This volume brings together a collection of essays on his favorite subjects: the nonsense of the modern world, the dream, the imagination, the poetry and the nature of the real.

The English philosopher, narrator, poet and critic Owen Barfield (London, 1898–Forest Row, 1997) studied English language and literature at ...read more


Book: El arpa y la cámara

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