El arte de mentir

El arte de mentir - Eusebio Ruvalcaba - Almadía
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Aphorism, essays-some long, some short-, notes reflections. The intimate talk takes turns with the teacher's lesson. A decálo, an instructive, a manual. All share a serene and vanity-free splendor, a discourse sown with brilliant conclusions, fertile questions and reports of experience. Friendship, the kindness and disloyalty of love, the hardness of resources. The ego of the writers, the kitchen of the literary workshop, the temptation to judge the work itself. Cynicism, self-absorption, frivolity, modesty. Dogs, loneliness, lies, knowledge, sadness, collecting, jealousy, death, music, the female voice. It seems that everything awakens the curiosity and enthusiasm of the essayist. Throughout this wide gallery of inquiries, the reader will be able to feel the company of an author willing to rethink, to question each topic, to dress them this way, to face them, to discover them in dept...read more




Book: El arte de mentir

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