El arte del asesinato político

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El arte del asesinato político -  Goldman - Anagrama
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The April 26, 1998, Bishop and coordinator of the Human Rights Office of the Archbishop of Guatemala, Juan Gerardi, was bludgeoned to death. It had only been two days since the submission of the sixteen hundred page report documenting systematic violations of human rights committed by the army of Guatemala in the fight against the insurgency that had formally ended in 1996 "The horror with name and names', call local press document, alluding to the more than fifty thousand victims of the civil war that identified. The assumptions of government researchers, in a study that looked more like a farce, ranging from gay crime of passion, a network of religious art dealers, whose theft was discovered Gerardi. But the heroes of this book are young researchers of Human Rights Office of the Archdiocese investigating the murder on his own. His detective work led to a historic trial, and convicti...read more


Book: El arte del asesinato político

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