El arte del futuro

El arte del futuro - Richard Wagner - Prometeo
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Tapa Blanda

"The work of art of the future must not arise from the filthy foundations of your present culture, nor from the repugnant sediments of your fine upbringing, nor from the conditions that give your modern civilization the only pensible basis for it to exist. Think, however, that this common is by no means a normal product of the true nature of the human being, but rather the artificial spawn of your unnatural culture; that all the vices and abominations that disgust you with this commoner are only the desperate gestures of the struggle that the real human nature wages against its cruel oppressor, modern civilization, and the dreadful in such gestures is in no way the true face of nature but rather the disguised caricature of your criminal culture"

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Book: El arte del futuro

ISBN: 9789875744929