El arte del siglo de las luces

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Beginning the eighteenth century in Spain with a dynastic change, which led to a long international war, it is important to consider this century as the one that forged the contemporary world and produced a change in cultural mentality, which, with the generic label of the illustration, society secularized. The art world accused this profound change, as corroborated by the emergence of a figure as great as Goya and the presence of great French, Italian and German masters, such as Houasse, Giordano, Giaquinto, the Tiepolo or Mengs, in addition to equipping themselves with institutions such as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando and of having Spanish artists of outstanding quality, such as Meléndez, Paret or Maella. The purpose of this volume, which has nineteen national and international specialists, is to broaden the art of the eighteenth century, which establishes the foun...read more


Book: El arte del siglo de las luces

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