El capital. Libro primero. Volumen 2

El proceso de producción del capital Volumen 2

El capital. Libro primero. Volumen 2 - Karl Marx - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI edition of Capital consists of eight volumes divided as follows: Volume 1 (Book One): The production process of capital. Vol 1: Section One, Merchandise and money. second section, the transformation of money into capital; third section, plus production of absolute value. Vol 2: Section Four, The production of relative surplus value;. section five, Production of absolute and relative surplus value; Section Six, The Vol salary. 3: Section seventh, the process of capital accumulation. This volume also contains an appendix with the wording of Chapter 1 ("Goods") as featured in the first edition and the work "The form of value", written by Marx for this edition and added to the end of the book as text supplementary and explanatory analysis of the commodity and money. More than three hundred notes editor (references, original text citations, brief explanations, etc.), analytical i...read more

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Book: El capital. Libro primero. Volumen 2

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