El capital

Crítica de la economía política

El capital - Karl Marx - Akal
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This eight-volume Spanish version of Marx's masterpiece, published for the first time in 1976-1977, has been based on the Dietz edition of Berlin, carefully prepared and collated with the previous ones by the working groups of the Institutes of Marxism- Leninism of Berlin and Moscow. The French translation by J. Roy, revised by Marx himself, and the Italian versions by Editori Riuniti and Spanish by W. Roces (FCE, Mexico), among others, have also been taken into account. The indexes and appendices that accompany this version contribute significantly to the rapid orientation and better understanding of the book. Despite its reputation for being difficult, the work is accessible to all types of readers, who will discover through its enlightening pages the validity of one of the indisputable classics of modern political and economic thought, which keeps intact its virtuality and the dept...read more


Book: El capital

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