El caso de Charles Dexter Ward

El caso de Charles Dexter Ward - H.P. Lovecraft - Valdemar
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Aside from the numerous horror stories he wrote for amateur magazines, H.P. Lovecraft set out to write longer stories just three times: In the Mountains of Madness, The Dream Quest for the Unknown Kadath, and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. The latter, the most extensive of the three, tells us - with that peculiar talent of Lovecraft to create oppressive atmospheres by means of suggestions that progressively worry the reader - the story of the unfortunate Charles Dexter Ward, a young man from Providence, a literary transcript of his own Lovecraft, lonely and meditative, who gives himself body and soul to the study of the past, and in particular of the life and "miracles" of Joseph Curwen, a distant ancestor of his from the 18th century, who arrived in Providence fleeing from the famous "hunting" of witches "by Salem in 1692. Using diaries and archives he reveals the truth about that ...read more


Book: El caso de Charles Dexter Ward

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