El caso Vivaldi

El caso Vivaldi - Federico Maria Sardelli - Turner
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«The history of the discovery of Vivaldi's manuscripts really happened like that. Contrary to what the narrators usually write at the end of their work ("the characters and the narrated facts are the fruit of my fantasy", or similar formulas), I, on the other hand, have to assure my reader that the facts here narrated they are, in their great majority, real "(of the epilogue).

Very little is known about the life of Antonio Vivaldi, and even less about his death. We do know that he died poor, ruined and persecuted by the creditors, in 1741, and that all his belongings ended up scattered or seized. How their manuscript scores were lost, found, divided, reunited and finally found their home in the National Library of Turin, where they are preserved until today, is an adventure that runs through three centuries, several cities, and a cast of characters that, as the author says, see...read more

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Book: El caso Vivaldi

ISBN: 9788416354030