El círculo se ha cerrado

El círculo se ha cerrado - Knut Hamsun - Nórdica
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Tapa Blanda

Abel, the only son of a lighthouse keeper and an alcoholic mother, is growing in a remote Norwegian town. Although he leads a life in difficult conditions, he aspires to become something bigger than he seems to be. Although in her life she surrounds hedest with women, she does not get to enter into any serious relationships. The circle has been closed is one of Hamsun's most modern works and is a further step in his analysis of human consciousness, that look that began with the unforgettable protagonist of 'Hunger'. In this novel, the last one Hamsun wrote, evokes the restrictions of life in the small town, as well as the spirit of Norwegian society in the early years of the twentieth century.



Book: El círculo se ha cerrado

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