El club de la dinamita

Cómo una bomba en el París fin de siècle fue el detonante de la era del terrorismo moderno

El club de la dinamita - John Merriman - Akal
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In his room on the Parisian outskirts, Émile Henry places a stick of dynamite inside a metal worker's lunch box. Then he puts the bomb in one of his coat pockets and, armed with his pistol, a knife and a deep longing for freedom, walks out the door. Shortly thereafter, the windows in the shop window of the sophisticated Café Terminus shatter, one bourgeois loses his life and twenty others are injured. It was February 12, 1894, and the era of modern terrorism had just exploded.

The Dynamite Club is the magnetic tale of those who rose up against the established power, of those who blamed capitalism, religion, the Army and the state for the misfortunes of the working class at the end of the nineteenth century. Its author, the distinguished historian John Merriman, shows how modern terrorism began in Paris on February 12, when Émile Henry committed an attack on innocent people. Sin...read more


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Book: El club de la dinamita

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