El coleccionista

El coleccionista - John Fowles - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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John Fowles said that one of his motivations for writing was to imagine his characters in extreme situations and see how they responded. In The Collector, his first novel and perhaps the best known of his works, considered the first modern psychological thriller and whose premise has been repeated one and a thousand times without ever reaching the literary height of the original, placed the protagonists in one of the situations more extreme imaginable for two people: the confrontation between physical captivity and emotional confinement.

Frederick Clegg is a lonely and nondescript man who collects butterflies. Miranda Gray is a radiant and intelligent good girl who studies Art in London. Frederick, who admires Miranda but is unable to approach her normally - since she knows that someone like her would never repair someone like him - kidnaps her and lodges her with all the comfo...read more


Book: El coleccionista

ISBN: 9788416677801