El copartícipe secreto

El copartícipe secreto - Joseph Conrad - Atalanta
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Joseph Conrad wrote a series of masterpieces that introduced in the adventure novel stylistic and psychological depth that they have become one of the most remarkable writers of all time. Considered one of his best literary works of maturity Partnership secret, it was written in 1911 during one of the most prolific and stressful periods of their lives. Was sick with malaria, while immersed in the execution of several books, Conrad, however, ended this story with exceptional speed, he wrote to his friend Galsworthy.

Captain-narrator of this tale relives as its own, the desperate experience of an intruder out of the sea, who is forced to pick one night in his boat; none but he knows he is on board; circumstance that produces a deaf tension in the protagonists, which will increase as the story unfolds.

As Jules Cashford-author of the essay that closes this book suggests, se...read more


Book: El copartícipe secreto

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