El corazón de las tinieblas

El corazón de las tinieblas - Joseph Conrad - Editorial Juventud
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Editorial Juventud
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Tapa Blanda

Joseph Conrad wrote this novel based on his experience in the Congo. This classic speaks of man's struggle against natural elements, although it has served and still serves to criticize the bitter history of a people subjected to the excesses and privileges of colonization .
The Heart of Darkness, published in 1902, transcends historical and social circumstances to become an exploration of the roots of the human, those catacombs of being where a vocation of destructive irrationality nests that progress and civilization manage to attenuate but never eradicate altogether.
Perhaps the best introduction to The Heart of Darkness is the brief comment that Conrad himself made after his trip to the Congo in 1890: "Before the Congo I was just a simple animal." That journey that undoubtedly represented for him a descent into hell, is the one that he tells us through the mouth of Mar...read more


Book: El corazón de las tinieblas

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