El cosmos arquetipal

El cosmos arquetipal - Keiron Le Grice - Atalanta
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The modern world is undergoing a period of profound changes in the cultural, political, ecological or spiritual sphere. And the decline and dissolution of the old order of the world, together with the tumultuous and uncertain birth of another new one, become increasingly evident. Immersed in this atmosphere of crisis and transformation, it is increasingly urgent to seek a coherent framework of meaning to guide both individuals and human societies on a path that takes us beyond the growing cultural, ideological and identity fragmentation in which we live.

Keiron Le Grice argues in this book that the development and assimilation of a new cosmology can provide us with this necessary framework to discover the underlying order that models our lives. In an admirable exercise in synthesis between the seminal ideas of analytical psychology and the new paradigm of science, the archetypa...read more


Book: El cosmos arquetipal

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