El crepúsculo de las máquinas

El crepúsculo de las máquinas - John Zerzan - Catarata
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The globalized, industrialized, civilized world is increasingly mediated by technology, which promises closeness and communication to people who are increasingly alone and isolated. Humanity has been domesticated to adapt to the demands of the division of labor, cities, smartphones. It can be understood as an evolution but it has had a severe consequence that has gone deep: the alienation of people. It is not a novelty, it has been going on for thousands of years but, even when it is noted that we live in a reality that makes almost no one happy, few have dared to diagnose the roots of the problem and assume the consequences. That is precisely what it achieves, in such a forceful way that it is overwhelming, John Zerzan, one of the leading thinkers of radical criticism. Thus, it clearly identifies that the problem is civilization itself and all that it entails: symbolic thinking, dome...read more


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Book: El crepúsculo de las máquinas

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