El cuidado necesario

El cuidado necesario - Leonardo Boff - Trotta
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Care and sustainability go hand in hand, under cover each other. If no care, hardly a sustainability remains at medium and long term it will be reached. They are the two pillars that support the necessary transformation of the mode of inhabiting the Earth. But sustainability and care can not be maintained unless accompanied by a spiritual revolution.

Contrary to skeptics and secularists claim, spirituality is not the monopoly of religions. To be spiritual is to awaken the deepest dimension in the human being and which makes it sensitive to solidarity, justice and fraternity. This book strongly emphasizes that moment of spirituality, not because its author comes originally from theology, but because, as a human being realizes the urgency and the need to take care of all things, life and Earth, but primarily of human spirituality.

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Book: El cuidado necesario

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