El darwinismo en Iberoamérica

Bolivia y México

El darwinismo en Iberoamérica - Arturo Argueta Villamar - Catarata
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The Darwinian paradigm can be studied for its influence on natural history and biology, as well as in other areas of knowledge such as sociology, economics or politics, but also to obtain lessons on how scientific ideas are transmitted and received, a field called "dissemination of crucial ideas" by Thomas F. Glick, within the framework of models that seek to explain scientific change and development. The history of science reminds us that in the last thirty years of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century there were some of the most vigorous scientific and political controversies about evolutionism that are remembered in each country. The purpose of this work, which includes some of the "controversial dialogues" carried out mainly in Bolivia and Mexico, is twofold: on the one hand, contributing to the reworking of the model of study of the transmission of scientific id...read more


Book: El darwinismo en Iberoamérica

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