El Diablo

La sonata a Kreutzer

El Diablo - Lev Tolstói - Editorial Juventud
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Editorial Juventud
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Tapa Blanda

León Tolstoi (1828-1910) wrote these two novels after a period of rethinking moral and social values ​​that led him to seek answers from various philosophical sources. His works of this time were characterized by their pedagogical and informative intention and by being deeply critical of the ways of life of their social class. In El Diablo, the protagonist struggles between obsession with the object of desire and guilt. The work reveals the psychology of the wealthy landowner Eugenio Ivánovich, an anguished character who is pursued by a pressing carnal temptation that endangers his mental balance and even the very foundations of his moral principles. This terrible passion will lead you to a tragic end. In The Sonata a Kreutzer, written throughout 1889, after a critical analysis of the functioning of relations between the sexes in Russian high society, jealousy will precipitate the out...read more


Book: El Diablo

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