El diamante del Rajá. Bilingüe

El diamante del Rajá. Bilingüe - Robert Louis Stevenson - Plutón
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The Rajah diamond was first published in 1878 in The London Magazine. A few years later Stevenson retouched the story and reunited it with other stories (the ones that make up The Suicide Club) in a single volume entitled The New Arab Nights (1882), clear reference to The Thousand and One Nights. The author adopts the style of the latter to the extent that the different stories that appear intertwine with each other. The Rajah diamond recounts the adventures of a fabulous jewel, the sixth diamond in the world, owned by Sir Thomas Vandeleur and a gift from the Rajah of Kashgar. Through his successive hand changes we follow the journey of that soul-corrupting diamond to meet a diverse gallery of men and women immersed in a fast-paced series of adventures that take us to cities such as London, Edinburgh or Paris.


Book: El diamante del Rajá. Bilingüe

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