El dios de la danza

El dios de la danza - Pola Mejía Reiss - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte

Vaslav Nijinsky had many names: "Petrushka", "Faun", "The Golden Slave," "Till Eulenspiegel", "The Spectre of the Rose", "Albrecht" ... One day he was named "schizophrenic". Unlike other mobility -function after ballet-function, the latter name implied a destination of immobility and silence in psychiatric asylums.

Immobility and silence that not only fell on the person of Nijinsky, but also about his work. More than seventy years deciphering writing dance The Afternoon of a Faun, as well as the reconstruction of two more of its choreography was. Each of his ballets is a dance writing.

In addition to writing dance body and on paper, and have bequeathed a painting that fully came to light in 2009, Nijinsky wrote a very disturbing, unclassifiable book, however, has been described as a testimony of a schizophrenic or something which can be read as poetry, spiritual biograph...read more

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Book: El dios de la danza

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