El dolor de amar

El dolor de amar - Juan  David Nasio - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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Relieving pain is, for John David Nasio, I detach from reality, transforming it into a symbol. And what does transform pain into symbol to make sense? Does not at all apply an interpretation of what causes it, trying to comfort the sufferer or encourage him to live his worth as an educational experience that will temper his character. According to John David Nasio, the role of the psychoanalyst consists of being the listener who, by their presence, can dispel the sufferings getting their radiation. According to a musical metaphor, the psychoanalyst harmonizes with the pain of others, is vibrating with it, and in that state of resonance, expected time and the words I wear. Throughout the pages of his new book, Juan David Nasio wants to show examples of that pain, in our deepest beliefs, is the clear sign of passing a test. The death of a loved one or abandonment of the beloved break ou...read more




Book: El dolor de amar

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