El elfo y la princesa

El elfo y la princesa - Fernando Pessoa - Gadir
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In the poetry of Fernando Pessoa, there is the fascination of an almost childish look, the look of who every day seems to discover the world. Pessoa sometimes wrote poems for children or about children, as shown. The best in the world are children, published by Gadir. The Elf and the princess is a children's story that was not published in Pessoa's life and until now it had not been published in Spanish. Some people think that the story is unfinished, but we cannot know for sure. We know that its author, Pessoa, always said he did not like beginnings or endings. This beautiful story of the elf and the princess can be understood in many ways, each reader will understand in their own way. This book will please children and all Pessoa fans. Teresa Novoa's illustrations illuminate the book, and Teresa has also made, in homage to Pessoa, a small wordless appendix, which suggests the idea t...read more




Book: El elfo y la princesa

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