El espíritu débil

El espíritu débil - Geney Beltrán - Cuadrivio
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Possessing one of the most lucid and frenetic critical intelligences in our literature, Geney Beltrán Félix ventures into the weak Spirit in the aphoristic genre, demonstrating with precision and strength the virtues of his thought. Weak spirit presents the aphorism not as that sure enunciation of the Western intellectual, rejecting the categorical character of its own tradition. Against the grain of the canonical aphorism, Beltrán Fenix ​​states from a deep doubt about the possibilities of the genre, admitting it as lacking in all originality ("All aphorism thought before someone else") and emptiness of luminous substance ("The aphorism is the autobiography without the facts "). From these premises, Beltrán takes us through precise and brutal journeys for questions other than contemporaneity and existence: fear, literary writing, emotion, passion, suicide, love. Aphorism after aphori...read more




Book: El espíritu débil

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