El eterno Adán

El eterno Adán - Julio Verne - Arena libros
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Arena libros
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The extraordinary literary value of the eternal Adam has been affected by at least two circumstances that have prevented him from reaching the importance it deserves. Not only in the whole work of Verne, but even as some you have highlighted, in comparison with the great works of world literature.

The first has to do with his own, since it is already long series of voices have insisted on the role that Michel Verne might have played in the final version of the story, published first solo in 1905 and later as part of a posthumous series of stories grouped under the title of yesterday and tomorrow, attributed some of them very arguably his father. Nothing is resolved in this respect: the existence of a manuscript copy of the text of The Eternal Adam handwriting Michel Verne constancy project of his father, with his previous writing, a story called Edom, germ contrasts the Adam et...read more


Book: El eterno Adán

ISBN: 9788495897107