El evento

El evento - Martin Heidegger - El hilo de Ariadna
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El hilo de Ariadna
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Written between 1941 and 1942 and published for the first time in 2009, the event is part of a larger group, composed of seven texts known as "Treaties on the history of being." The notes that make up the present volume address a fundamental theme and pose a novel journey through nodal aspects of Heideggerian thought, such as truth and nature, modern metaphysics, forgetting being, beginning, thinking and poetizing. The event is the best sample of the dialogues that the philosopher maintained with himself in the solitude of the work cabinet: the slow and extensive argumentation lives here with the short sentence, often enigmatic and oracular. The conceptual density is followed at times by an almost didactic explanation. The reader will not cease to be amazed at certain reflections that, without disentangling in the philosophical context, have the full power of a historical anticipation...read more


Book: El evento

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