El expansionismo brasileño en sus límites

El expansionismo brasileño en sus límites - Efraín León Hernández - Itaca
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The neoliberal dominance exercised by the United States in Latin America has been so overwhelming that it hides the complexity of ways in which the empire displays its hegemony in the region. This is the case of Brazilian expansionism, whose geopolitical practices appear to be independent and, in some cases, contrary to US interests.

This book contributes to the understanding of the productive sustenance of such expansionist geopolitical practices, in order to discover, during their exposition, how they have served as a motor for the Brazilian accumulation and, at the same time, as a pivot of irradiation of the dominion of international capitals, Especially from the American Empire and its major geopolitical allies in Europe and Asia.


Book: El expansionismo brasileño en sus límites

ISBN: 9786079699987