El fin de la homofobia

Derecho a ser libres para amar

El fin de la homofobia - Marcos Paradinas - Catarata
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Sexual orientation has been taboo until very recently. In fact, the international community did not speak out openly until 2006, when it emphasized that human rights are also gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual. Right to start a family, freedom of expression, protection from medical abuse... Non-negotiable issues for many citizens but who, in too many cases, are denied for the simple reason of loving someone of the same sex. There are still states that sentence homosexuals to death, such as Saudi Arabia or Mauritania, and others that impose prison terms or economic fines, such as Algeria or Bangladesh. This book allows to know the various forms of discrimination of the LGBT collective and its origin, which is usually related to the Russian legal tradition, Islamic laws and also British colonial law. It also reflects the case of Spain, which is the most tolerant country in the world...read more


Book: El fin de la homofobia

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