El futuro es vegetal

El futuro es vegetal - Stefano Mancuso - Galaxia Gutenberg
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Galaxia Gutenberg
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In this new book, Stefano Mancuso continues the research that he started in Sensitivity and intelligence in the plant world. It offers again a revolutionary look at the world of plants, in this case studying the solutions that plants find to the multiple challenges they face and drawing from them models to inspire solutions to the problems that plague humanity.
We need plants to improve our lives, to invent new technologies, to imagine new, more decentralized, less hierarchical models of social organization. Plants are paradigms of contemporary life for their flexibility and strength against the fragility of the human and animal world. In a word, plants are fascinating: they consume little energy, they are strong, they have a shared intelligence, they act collectively, they have an extraordinary ability to survive in harsh environments, they learn from experience and have memori...read more


Book: El futuro es vegetal

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