El habitante

El habitante - Carmen Villoro - Paraíso Perdido
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Paraíso Perdido
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Tapa Blanda

Some spaces exist, others we create; Some force us to stick to their limits and rules, others we mold, we exceed them, we adapt them to us, to our essence. The spaces are open or closed, such as a square or a letter, a sidewalk or a car; there are the intermediate ones, like the balcony or like a building in black work. The inhabitant shows us how we appropriate, live, miss, remember, yearn for spaces and things. We inhabit and unhabit with memories, with memory, with forgetfulness, with absence. Carmen Villoro, with poetic fragments about what surrounds us, about what belongs to us and what we belong to, takes us along the paths of daily life, but with a light that allows us to observe carefully, surprise or nostalgia what we inhabit and that we dwells; the spaces of the unconscious and the spaces that we walk almost automatically every day. The inhabitant, with his texts and the pho...read more


Book: El habitante

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