El hombre que amaba las islas

El hombre que amaba las islas - D.H. Lawrence - Atalanta
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Few writers in the twentieth century have been discussed and controversial as David Herbert Lawrence. Some of his novels were banned in England obscene, despite having revolutionized the novel technique, his style has often been questioned; TS Eliot once said in one of his tantrums that his novels were "extremely misspelled" when the truth is that her stories have lives of their own which, as EM Forster says, "it is easy to criticize but impossible to forget".
The three stories that make up this volume are the best example of his later years. "The woman who was riding" brilliantly evokes the wonder, beauty and remoteness, almost inhuman, indigenous hill tribes. Its protagonist is a dreamy woman who escapes from conventional life to go and live with the Indians who will find something very different from what at first believed seek; women accept a terrible fate and magical tale w...read more


Book: El hombre que amaba las islas

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