El hombre sin cabeza

El hombre sin cabeza - Sergio González Rodríguez - Anagrama
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Tapa Blanda

An unusual investigation and a narrative fabric with multiple cultural and political resonances about the climax of violence in the contemporary world: the beheadings carried out by the drug trafficking hitmen in Mexico, or the Muslim fundamentalists, both disseminated on the internet or other media, where the act of beheading represents the loss of reason in its widest sense. The author also studies the phenomena of witchcraft and human sacrifices linked to drug traffickers, the use of victims' bodies with powerful cruel messages. And the emergence of a criminal cult like that of Santa Muerte. A chronicle that even presents the testimony of a hit man and head cutter, and intertwines the narrator's own perspective through his refined alternation of the chronicle, the essay, and the autobiographical notes. This book makes it clear that journalistic matter can access the status of conte...read more



Book: El hombre sin cabeza

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