El hombre y el clima

El hombre y el clima - Jacques Labeyrie - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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Tapa Blanda

When the media informs us of droughts, floods, tornadoes or frosty extremes, it seems that these are exceptions, of punctual "events". But in reality these phenomena are rather the norm. Day after day we are subjected to the whims of climate somewhere on Earth. How do you explain climate change? What was your development and influence in the past? What does the future hold?
In this book, Jacques Labeyre offers important answers based on his long dedication to climate research. It describes the birth of the atmosphere, Earth's climatic past, and the relationships between life and climate. The climate impact not only made the dinosaurs disappear, but also caused the advent of civilizations and the disappearance of many of them. An important chapter is dedicated to pollution generated by industrial production and increasing energy consumption in advanced societies. To what extent a...read more


Book: El hombre y el clima

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