El increíble viaje de las plantas

El increíble viaje de las plantas - Stefano Mancuso - Galaxia Gutenberg
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Galaxia Gutenberg
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Since the publication of Sensitivity and intelligence in the plant world, Stefano Mancuso has become an inescapable reference in the knowledge of the fascinating reality of plants. They account for 99.7% of the planet's life and would survive without animals while we would immediately disappear in a world without them. If in his previous books Stefano Mancuso discovered that plants are sensitive, they communicate and exchange information, they sleep, they have memory, they take care of their children, they make decisions, they solve problems ... and he showed us what plants teach us to solve the multiple challenges of the future, in this his new book focuses on something that the evidence seems to deny: that plants They move and travel. In any space abandoned by man, plants soon grow. How they arrive, how they navigate around the world, how they bring life to islands in the middle of ...read more


Book: El increíble viaje de las plantas

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