El islam

Historia. Presente. Futuro

El islam - Hans  Küng - Trotta
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The world is going through a delicate and crucial phase for the new configuration of international relations. The coexistence between the West and Islam and the coexistence between the three Abrahamic religions? Judaism, Christianity and Islam? These are particularly pressing issues in this context. Instead of the paradigm that advocates an inevitable «clash of civilizations», a global ecumenical responsibility demands to put into practice, with determination, a new paradigm of understanding, cooperation and political, economic and cultural integration. The dialogue between the great religions has been for decades the great commitment of the theologian Hans Küng, as it was raised in the framework of the program "There will be no peace in the world without peace between religions." And also this book on "Islam" aims to contribute to the objective of training people for dialogue from a ...read more


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Book: El islam

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