El jabatillo

El jabatillo - Grazia Deledda - Gadir
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The jabatillo is one of the best stories of the author and has been very popular in Italy, where musician Gianni Ferri came to compose a disc with the title of the story in honor of Grazia Deledda. The story takes place in the native Sardinia of its author, and begins with a nod to her country, Italy, whose colors are the first that the jabatillo sees at birth. A story about love of animals and friendship between a child, Pascaleddu, and a little jabato; a beautiful story full of sensitivity and able to move readers of any age.

With the story of Pascaleddu and his friend the jabatillo we find many things to think about, such as the consequences of poverty and wealth, and where they can lead us over and over, or the dignity and sense of friendship that can exist in people humble, and that may be lacking in the richest people, who can spoil themselves for having everything they w...read more




Book: El jabatillo

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