El lado oscuro

La polaridad "sagrado/profano" y sus avatares

El lado oscuro - Fernando Giobellina Brumana - Katz
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This book presents an aspect of the development of French social thought from the beginning of L'Année Sociologique by Emile Durkheim, Marcel Mauss and the handful of young scholars who accompanied them, at the beginning of the twentieth century, until, at the beginning of World War II, the hasty final of the Collége de Sociologie, that unusual adventure in which Georges Bataille, Roger Caillois and Michel Leiris participated. This aspect is that of interest in a series of dualisms, of asymmetrical polarities, in which one end represents the positive for the dominant values and the other the one rejected by them. "Sacred/Profane" was the first of the pairs to be worked on, to which others were soon added as "right/left" or "male/female". Underneath these oppositions lies a logic on which this study sheds light, insofar as it leads to an understanding of the social phenomena of the mar...read more


Book: El lado oscuro

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