El libro de los monstruos

El libro de los monstruos - Juan Rodolfo Wilcock - Atalanta
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According to the famous book by his friend Jorge Luis Borges, published in 1954, in which he brought together an unusual sum of imaginary beings, Juan Rodolfo Wilcock presents us here with a no less fabulous manual of short texts, although limited to totally different codes : Wilcock's monsters always look at each other with a mischievous smile on their lips, which sometimes leads to laughter.

Direct heir to the last Flaubert and Kafka, his creatures belong to the exclusive realm of black humor and fierce irony. Thus, whether their entire body is covered with little mirrors, like Anastomos, or with long white feathers, like the architect Mano Lasso; suffer from the no less uncomfortable peculiarity of having three legs and three mouths, like the poet Eher Sugarno; or endure, like the social worker Ilio Collio, some nipples from which a kind of thick oil flows that makes their b...read more


Book: El libro de los monstruos

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