El libro de los muertos tibetano

El libro de los muertos tibetano -  Anónimo - Siruela
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Tapa Blanda

The Tibetan Book of the Dead (" Liberation by Hearing During the Intermediate State "or" Bardo Thödol ") is the eschatological treatise that has most accurately described all the phenomena we will encounter after our death. Based on the doctrine of the" state intermediate ”, this important work of universal religious literature, discovered in the 13th century, maintains that, after dying, all of us see ourselves projected into a vortex of frightful visions and sensations that are the result and manifestation of our last karma In order to exhort the deceased to recall the truth of this doctrine, whose teachings he will have received and practiced while he was alive, the indications set forth in this book are read to him.It is with this reading, according to Tibetan hermeneutics, that it is possible to help the deceased to to orient oneself in the course of the intermediate state, which...read more


Book: El libro de los muertos tibetano

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