El libro del desasosiego

El libro del desasosiego - Fernando  Pessoa - Acantilado
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The Book of Restlessness, which we present in its entirety translated into Spanish, was born in 1913 and Pessoa worked on it throughout his life. This is an unfinished and unending work: an expanding entire universe whose plurality — literary and vital — is infinite. Bernardo Soares, assistant bookkeeper in the city of Lisbon, fictitious author of this book, is, according to Pessoa, "a semi-heteronym, because, not being my personality, it is not different from mine, but a simple mutilation of it ». Prosador who poetizes, dreamer who reasons and mystical disbelief, this is the most pessoano of all heteronyms, and the inexhaustible wealth of its pages — representation of a whole world — contains the genius of Pessoa in all its length.



Book: El libro del desasosiego

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