El libro rojo de Jung

El libro rojo de Jung - Bernardo Nante - Siruela
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Bernardo Nante provided with this book a must to use this very complex work of the Swiss psychiatrist guide, in which he collected his experiences of the "encounter with the unconscious" from the application of the method of active imagination. Compound with large images that appear to be miniatures and calligraphy style of the fifteenth century, the red book was written by Jung slowly for fifteen years. This work had not left the family and private life so far, and today is presented as a genuine hermeneutical challenge: stories that look like something out of a chivalric novel or dreamlike stories intersect dialogues intensely dramatic or essayistic passages, Jung often interpretations of symbols and myths itself. The author analyzes the Polyphonic universe and provides the keys to understanding from the Jungian work itself.



Book: El libro rojo de Jung

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