El libro uruguayo de los muertos

El libro uruguayo de los muertos - Mario Bellatin - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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The Uruguayan book of the dead may be the most important work written so far by Mario Bellatin. His overflowing imagination disrupts the frontier between reality and fiction, resulting in an originality without limits, which revolves around certain unanswered questions, such as the one that at some unexpected moment directs the sender of the story: «Your image in the mirror reflects you? Mario Bellatin writes for a mysterious sender whom he has seen only once, with whom he has since talked about the mysteries of the resurrection of the flesh. It tells you in detail the fantastic events that populate your unique and unique world. There, time does not pass either forward or backward, just as space is not somewhere specific. The Uruguayan book of the dead is a kind of spiral that at the same time that turns on certain recurring axes is shot in all directions attainable by the prodigious ...read more


Book: El libro uruguayo de los muertos

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