El magnífico niño del psicoanálisis

El concepto de sujeto y objeto en la teoría de Jacques Lacan

El magnífico niño del psicoanálisis - Juan  David Nasio - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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Juan David NasioTanto the object as the subject of the unconscious are two entities forged by Lacan in a completely original way about the Freudian theory. These two entities are not, strictly speaking, concepts, but rather seeking to formally designate elements or own instances of exp erience that occurs in any analysis. Thus understood, these two formal terms do not designate or describe some existing material, but that which results from the combination of word and body when a patient speaks and listens psychoanalyst. The focus of these two terms, subject of the unconscious and object given in this work involves the author's interest to be clear and concise, keeping the depth of Lacanian thought




Book: El magnífico niño del psicoanálisis

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