El monstruo que se comió la oscuridad

El monstruo que se comió la oscuridad - Joyce Dunbar - Barbara Fiore Editora
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Barbara Fiore Editora
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Lorenzo cannot sleep. He doesn't like the darkness under the bed. He thinks there might be a hidden monster… And sure enough, it is! There is a tiny monster with a huge appetite. The monster begins to nibble on a slipper and a toy car, but nothing satisfies it. Until he tastes the darkness inside a box, delicious! The monster sucks up all the darkness it encounters, until there is no darkness left on Earth. Just light. A blinding and relentless light.

The little monster yearns to fill a void inside him, until he discovers that the only thing that makes him feel better is being in the arms of a child. Jimmy Liao's illustrations complete this tale about the fear of the dark and being alone.

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Book: El monstruo que se comió la oscuridad

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