El muerto era yo

Aproximaciones a Juan Rulfo

El muerto era yo -  AA.VV. - Calygramma
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Tapa Blanda

In 2011, it was twenty-five years since the death of Juan Rulfo, one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century in Mexico. The book of stories El Llano en llamas and the novel Pedro Páramo make up a meager but masterly legacy that, since its publication in the middle of the last century, has not ceased to arouse admiration in the world of letters. Over time, other, no less interesting facets of the writer (the photographer, the editor, the scriptwriter ...) have been explored, weighed and made available to the public, while the incursions of a biographical nature have not diminished. Even so, the complexity of Juan Rulfo's universe remains, to this day, an open and fascinating question. Attracted by this question, and on the occasion of the mournful anniversary, a group of Mexican and Spanish writers have gathered, from Madrid, the present work: The dead was me. Approximations t...read more



Book: El muerto era yo

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