El mundo bajo los párpados

El mundo bajo los párpados - Jacobo Siruela - Atalanta
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The encounter between modern rationalism and otherness is the central theme of fantastic literature: in the ordinary, everyday world, a sudden and extraordinary phenomenon shatters "the natural order of things" in a few seconds. Caillois defined this sudden tearing of the real: «irruption of the inadmissible». Thus, the first condition of the fantastic is, as Todorov says, "the reader's doubt." Well, the curious thing about the case is that each of these characteristics of the fantastic tale can very well be applied to a good part of the "stories" in this book, by also proposing a radical displacement of meaning in reality, albeit with a notable difference: here «the fantastic» does not occur on the stage of literary fictions, but in the historical field, in the real world, as evidenced by the documentary sources, which can be consulted at the end of the volume. Only the reader will b...read more


Book: El mundo bajo los párpados

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