El mundo de ayer

Memorias de un europeo

El mundo de ayer - Stefan Zweig - Acantilado
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The world of yesterday is one of the most moving and attractive testimonies of our recent past, written with a master hand by a European soaked with civilization and nostalgia for a world, his, which was disintegrating by leaps and bounds. Extraordinary popular writer and witness of the changes that convulsed twentieth-century Europe between the two world wars, Zweig remembers, dispossessed and in a strange land - in personal circumstances of unsuspected dramatism - the fundamental moments of his life, paralleled in much to the dismemberment of that central Europe that wanted to be more free and safe, sheltered from madness and storm. The result is a capital book, one of the best of Zweig and inexcusable reference to understand the ravings of a devastating century. "The world of yesterday is a masterful lesson on the demolition of the links between word and truth." Rafael Argullol, El...read more


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Book: El mundo de ayer

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